31 in 31 August Geocaching Contest

I took my son and daughter out to Alimagnet park yesterday and we made our find for August 1st.

We found JJ’s Action Figures Strike Back!, http://coord.info/GC253JP

It’s a great cache, off the beaten path but not insane. Took a good 30 minutes to find. The purpose of this geocache is to exchange action figures. There were tons of little toys and figures in the geocache, but no heros. My son wants to go back really bad because he wasn’t happy with his selection once we left. (He’s 5, go figure!) So we might grab some small comic book heros to add to the stash there. I think we have a few dozen mini Thor’s and mini Ironman’s around the house. :)

I checked geocaching.com this morning and I have my day 1, 31 in 31 souvenir. :)

This is such a great idea. Here’s GCDoc’s video to explain the contest to you:

Now to decide where to grab one today for day two. I have recently gotten involved learning Disk Golf. There is a course close by that I want to try, and I am going to see if there are some geocaches nearby that I could grab while on the course. These two sports go very well together, and both facilitate finding new and cool places to hike and get into the woods.

If you made a find yesterday please leave a comment below! Let’s see who makes it all the way to day 31! If I do at least 3 of mine will be in Seattle!

Remember there are free short geocaching stories that you can experience but only if you sign up on the home page. HERE

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