31 in 31 Geocaching Contest Day 2

Went to another part of Alimagnet Park today to make my day 2 find.

I played my first full round of disk golf, and found the geocache hidden near the tee box of hole (pin?) #9.

It was an easy find, and I didn’t do too bad at the disk golf either! I made par a handful of times and almost had a birdie – I botched the putt and I was standing 3 feet from it! I learned to always take that putt seriously even if it seems like a gimme!

This contest is very valuable to the geocaching community! It has made me look up more caches, and find ones with more active logs as well. You have to do your research if you are determined to make a find every single day. I have even set aside one that I know is super easy based on the logs so that if I miss a day or can’t make a find at least I have that one to fall back on!

If you are making finds for the 31 in 31 contest please let me know in the comments below!

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