A New Way to Develop Characters

During the last third of the book, Discovering Magic, I introduce a new character. This character was pretty flat so I attempted to give them some more personality. But I did it in a really superficial way and it was not working. I kept thinking about this character and what I could do with him to make him come to life. A few days passed and I decided to devote a notebook to character development!

I opened to the fresh front page and put the character’s name at the top. I then delved headlong into describing him. Everything about him. How he looked, how he dressed, how he did his hair, his thoughts on certain things, his parents, his hobbies, his likes and dislikes, his friends EVERYTHING! Everything and anything I could think of I wrote down. When I was done I had a real sense of who this person was.

When I went back to my writing I knew *exactly* what to do to make him come to life. It worked out perfectly. I almost feel like I had to get to know him better in order to know what he would say, or how he would act!

I have done this with several other characters and I love the result. You really end up with a three-dimensional, very real person by taking the time to do this.

Just thought I would share!


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