Sara’s Story:

My daughter, Madison, and I are the creators of these magical books.

I was reading a bedtime story to Madison one night when she asked me to just make a story up. This simple request happened night after night. Sometimes I made up the stories and sometimes Madison did.

I started to document all of the magical stories we told each other, and soon I had a long list.

While at a park one day I had the idea that I could tell Madison stories that would actually take place in a real park. I Chose a park from my own childhood and started to incorporate landmarks from this park into my stories.

One day after school I told Madison that I had a very special treat for her. I then drove to the park where I had made up several stories over the past month or so.

As we walked through the park together Madison kept looking around and asking where her “treat” was. Soon she realized that the landmarks around her were from the story that I had been telling her and she took off running for the main part of the park where all of the magical things happened. She was so excited and I was overjoyed that Madison loved what I had done so much.

This further inspired me to somehow give this experience to other kids.

Madison and I had been geocaching for a few years and I thought that using longitude and latitude coordinates, like geocaching, was a great way to bring a children’s story to life.

So in 2011 I began writing my first children’s book, Discovering Magic, set in another nearby park that holds many cherished childhood memories for me.

We hope you enjoy these books. They are very dear to our hearts.

My goal is to create several of these books in a series set in different parks around the world!