Adventures with Lem – Vol 2 “How To”

As The airplane taxied to it’s takeoff point Thomas had to interrupt.

“So wait, uncle Ben, how can a tortoise talk? Their mouths are completely different from ours.” Thomas took off his ‘ball-cap and itched his forehead.

“That was another peculiar thing. I was speaking normally to Lem, but when Lem spoke to me it was more like I was hearing him inside my head.”

“ESP!!?” Thomas exclaimed.

“Yes, I suppose that’s what it is. It’s hard to tell because it sounds just like he’s speaking regularly.” Ben replied. “After quite a bit of coaxing, Lem did agree to possibly tell me how the space/time traveling is done, and he told me how to get to his home. He made some joke about humans not being smart enough to grasp the concept and then, faded back out to meet me at his place.”

Thomas listened intently as his uncle continued to describe the most fantastic tale he’d ever heard.

*  *  *

After my encounter with Lem I stood on the sidewalk dumbfound. I looked up Hyperion, and back to the bushes Lem had said he was aiming for. I couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. However, I was so interested in this new phenomenon I pushed past all disbelief in talking tortoises and focused on the space/time travel. I had studied quantum physics for years, and that is what I pondered as I made my way to Lem’s home. (34°06’57.9″N 118°16’18.0″W OR 34.116077, -118.271655)

*  *  *

Upon reaching my destination I quickly found the sandy area near some trees and bushes that Lem had told me to look for. Lem was there waiting for me.

“So how many time did you get lost then?” Lem asked.

“Oh, it was no problem at all. It was quite a long walk though!” I replied. “Teleportation sure would have been easier! Are all tortoises intelligent time/space travelers?”

“No, I am part of a magical race of tortoise. We are not from this noisy, over-populated human land. We only live here because we can time and space travel using PFS because of the physical laws of your world. Otherwise you wouldn’t ever catch me this close to… humans.” He spat the last word out of his mouth as if it tasted bad.

“So… do you think I could learn how to teleport using the uh…”

“Point Field Synchronizing.” He stared at me for a long moment. “I’m not sure. It requires a substantial slowing of your mind and body; something I RARELY see humans do.” Lem cocked his head to the side. He seemed to size me up, possibly deciding if I was up to the task or maybe just admiring my vest.

“How is it done?” I asked trying to get any kind of information from him.

“Hmmm… I guess I could tell you that much at least. You do seem to possess an underlying calm, and a patient demeanor. You seem to be slightly… different that other common humans.” He agreed. “The basis behind PFS travel is to slow your mind and body down to the speed of existence where everything in this world is flowing at the same rate. This is also the reason for the fading in and out. The slowing down process is gradual.

“I usually begin by slowing down my breathing. Making my breaths deeper, and inhaling and exhaling so slowly I can barely notice the change at all. The first attempt I made at PFS it took me almost 10 minutes just to slow my breath to that pace.

“Clearing your mind of thoughts, especially racing thoughts, is the next key. Turn off your brain’s constant analysis and contemplation of everything and just be your eyes. Very slowly envision in your mind’s eye the place you would like to end up. Try not to think thoughts or words about it, just allow it to come into your imagination.

“Once you have that down with the breathing the only other thing to do is physically move forward at an extremely slow pace. If you move too quickly at this point you may break the spell and have to start over, if you ever get to this point, that is. You only have to take half of one step and you will fade out, to take the rest of the step in the new place. Much like walking through a doorway from one room to the next.”

Nodding I replied, “So we have 1. Deepen and Slow the breathing. 2. Clear your mind and focus on the destination. and 3. Move your body forward at an extremely slow pace to step through space and time and end up at your destination.” I looked at Lem to make sure I had the steps correct.

“Yes, that’s it. I have to warn you, it is easier said than done by far. I think tonight you should just work on your breathing and see how that goes. Let’s meet back here tomorrow and see if there’s any hope of getting beyond just that.” Lem started to walk away under a bush and I concluded that our visit was over.

I straightened my pants and bid farewell to Lem for the day. As I walked to my lab and home away from home in California I thought about all the space and time experiments done by physicists throughout the years. If I could complete the tasks that Lem had set before me I could potentially change the face of space/time science forever.

I vowed to do my best to master the deep slow breathing tonight so we could move to the next lesson in the morning.


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