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Adult Fiction Geocache Book Requests

The number one request I got at the Block Party was for an adult fiction geocache book!

I had no idea that people would be this interested in a book for adult cachers. So I am putting some thought into what I could do with this. I love Sci-Fi/Fantasy, so I am thinking of including some night caches/locations. I would love to do something that is spread out across the U.S., and not just in one city or location.

One book that comes to mind that would be a template of sorts would be Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It’s a great story about a chase of sorts across continents! This novel also includes history and art related riddles and clues. I think it would be very fun to include these types of things in an adult geocache book so the reader also has to decrypt clues in order to find the caches, and maybe not just have the GPS coordinates right there on the page every time.

I will have to prioritize my to-do list to include some time for this soon. At the moment I am consumed with the editing of the first book, which I am tentatively calling Discovering Magic. Next on the list after that book is a different type of geocache book, as well as getting started on book #2 in what I hope to be a long series of children’s books.

Maybe some time in between all of that I will start to write a full length novel for adults.

I am very grateful for the suggestion, and I will do my best to get it out there for you!