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International Geocaching Day Pictures!

Hello friends and subscribers!

I finally got my pictures loaded and up here for you all to see. Enjoy and leave me a comment!

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Day 3 in Seattle, WA Geocaching

Good morning!

It’s day three for us in Seattle, WA. We are having a great time. Day 1 we visited Madison Park, which is a really cute community garden, and Washington Park which is home to Japanese gardens and lots of tree-lined paths and cool things to see. (Pictures to come.)

I finished the second ultra short story of the Dream trilogy! She’s almost home! :) If you’d like to read her tale sign up on the home page with your name and email and I will send it straight to your inbox.

Day 2 was spent with over 3000 fellow geocachers enjoying everything geocaching and promoting our books/stories. I talked with so many interesting people. I met fellow authors, and several teachers who were very interested in these books and this concept. :) I learned that there is also a large population out there that would love to see a full length adult fiction book published. I’ll get right on cloning myself so I can get all these cool things created for you all!

So here we are on Day 3. Off to Woodland Park, suggested to me by Norman King, to get around 7-10 coordinate points for a full length book for Seattle. Maybe by this time next year I will be selling at this Groundspeak event instead of merely promoting!

Thanks to a very special and creative geocacher I also have a new concept for these books. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what it is but it opens up a whole new world for this type of book getting into the hands of kids everywhere!

Sign up on the home page to get Dream 1, 2, and very soon to come the conclusion, Dream 3 – which ends in Los Angeles at one of my favorite sights.

Seattle Tomorrow!

I can’t believe that in a few short hours my mom, daughter, and I will be on a plane to Seattle, WA for the National Geocaching Day Block Party!

There are so many unknowns and so much out of my control that I am having a very hard time thinking realistically about this! I can’t picture it in my mind because I’ve never been there so it seems very surreal.

I have secured a booth spot in the vendor section. We will be booth number 8, and that is all I know about it. We are vendor booth #8. Amy Faulkner has been super helpful about getting us there, suggesting somewhere to rent a tent and also lodging. Thank you Amy!

We will “load in” Saturday morning. This means that I will roll my suitcase filled with branded key-chains, postcards, signage and other various booth things to booth #8, and hope and pray that our tent guy is there with some more guys to set our tent up for us. (I went with this company because they will set it up for us.) I have a receipt that says we paid for it, and I have spoken with “Jim” on the phone a few times. But that’s it. So! We hope for the best.

I have also written Dream 2, the second of three ultra short stories for this event. When we arrive tomorrow we will be heading straight for a park nearby (there are three in the area) to get GPS coordinates added to the story. I am actually just about to edit this story with my awesome editor, Matthew Karner, within minutes!

I hope the hotel we are at has printing or our next destination will be Kinkos to print off a bunch of these stories so people can go explore a park in Seattle and experience a geocache story while they are here this weekend.

If you’d like to download a copy of Dream and/or Dream 2 please sign up on the home page, or stop by our booth. I promise I will not share your information with anyone, and I won’t send you spam!

So! Come what may tomorrow we will be in Seattle getting GPS coordinates, printing stories and settling into our hotel. Saturday you can find us at vendor booth #8, or venturing around Groundspeak headquarters – look for the girls wearing “Fiction + Coordinates =” T-shirts!

I can’t wait to see the videos that fellow geocachers created for the first ever Geocaching International Film Festival!

And Sunday we sleep in! :)

Wish us luck! We are going on a great adventure. We hope to see you all there and please come talk to us – we’d love to meet you!

National Geocaching Day is Coming!

National Geocaching Day is August 17th at Groundspeak Headquarters in Seattle WA.

Are you planning on being there? If so leave a comment below and be sure to stop by our tent among the vendors.

We have cool postcards, key chain flashlights, and you can enter to win a signed copy of the first book!

My daughter and my mom will be with me helping to run the booth. We are very excited!! I also can’t wait to see the winning entries for the Geocaching International Film Festival. We will have our own entry up and running on my computer in the booth. Come on by and take a look!

We are getting in early on Friday, and staying until Sunday afternoon so there will be plenty of extra time to visit parks in the area.

I am working on another free short story, Dream 3 – The Conclusion, which will happen in Seattle. I am writing the story right now and I will set coordinates the day we fly in. I hope they have a lot of paper in the business office at the hotel because I want to make these stories available to those who stop by the booth that day!

Remember there is already one short story available for you to read and see what this new genre is all about. Simply sign up on the homepage HERE - there will be several short stories over time. We are working on another one in Minnesota, and then I want to get started on one for Los Angeles right away! Signing up on the home page ensures that you will get the download links as they come out and stay up to date on everything we’re working on over here!

Geocaching Book Publishing Options

My original idea was to publish these books myself using Create Space. I am still probably going to go that rout, but I have also been giving some thought to getting picked up by a publisher.

There are pros and cons to both avenues.

If I self publish I retain more control over the process, which I like. However, I just saw another children’s literature author get picked up after his third book and they re-did all of his cover illustrations. I am not sure how I would feel about that because I have pretty close ties with the artist, Travis Eastwood, I am using for my illustrations.

If I self publish I maintain more control over where the books are going to be taking place. I wonder where a publisher would have me go or if they would want to control that aspect of these books. Right now my plan is to finish this first geocaching book which is set in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, and then start the second book which will take place in Los Angeles, California.

I also don’t want it to take forever to publish. I have heard of books that have been completed for months or even years still waiting in the queue with the publisher. That would be very frustrating for me.

On the other hand, my dream and vision is to get paid to go around the country or even the world visiting cool parks and writing stories for them. In order to do that I will probably need some financial backing, a traditional publisher could offer that.

It also appeals to me to have some kind of contract with a publisher for a set number of books. A favorite author of my kids’, Mary Pope Osborne, has written many many books and I definitely intend to be prolific if people like these books. I imagine a traditional publisher would expect me to keep churning out books year after year, and hit all the major U.S. markets and popular parks. That type of pressure will keep me focused and working.

There are so many things to consider!

There’s also the matter of a literary agent. Aside from a publisher, someone who can negotiate with a publisher better than I would be able to. Someone to go to bat for me. But also that would mean someone getting a cut of the profits as well…

If you have any thoughts on all of this I would love it if you would share them in the comments below.

Geocaching International Film Festival Progress

I have been creating our entry for the Geocaching International Film Festival for about 3 weeks now. The concept finally gelled today and I filmed the rest of my footage and am in the process of editing it right now.

Let me just say, I have a whole new respect for film/screen editors. I have always thought that great editing was a work of art. I had no idea how painstaking it really is!

I recently got to see a well respected screen editor at work and I was blown away by how fast he could work. His eye for what would work and how it would come across was AMAZING!

I personally cannot wait until I am finished with this project! I hate it and I love it and I hate it and then I love it again. It just really takes a long time to get it right when you have no clue what you’re doing!

I can’t wait to go to Seattle and see all of your entries!

Back to editing…

National Geocaching Day, Seattle WA!

National Geocaching Day is August 17th!

Groundspeak, the company behind hosts a block party each year and we are going!!!

I just sent in my vendor request and will have a table for the party. I also ordered a large banner, postcards, t-shirts, and flashlight keychains for marketing during the event.

Next up: booking our airline tickets, reserving a hotel room and a rental car.

After that!: Contacting a rental company for a tent and vendor booth tables and lighting.

This is so exciting!

Did you know it’s extremely expensive to fly to Seattle!? I had no idea. I thought it was bad to fly to L.A.! Airfare for my daughter and I fly to Seattle from Minneapolis, in August!, will be around $1000! WOW! I had no clue.

So this is our “family” vacation this year. We normally do a big vacation to Disney or some other coastal location and spend a bunch of cash for it. This year, we do National Geocaching Day!

I am saying a little prayer that it’s worth it. Need to get that buzz going somehow!