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Writing Mega Update

So many projects, so little time…

Dream! – The ultra-short trilogy that I started last summer – will be concluding very shortly. I know how the story ends, I know where Dream ends up and I can easily get the coords to complete it. This story starts in Minnesota, goes to Seattle WA, and ends up in Beverly Hills CA. So many people will get a chance to see what is all about.

Lem’s Cross Country Time Travel Adventure – The serial story I started last summer – I need to dedicate some time to this story. It has so many cool parts to it, and it actually follows a road trip that I took from Los Angeles, CA to Burnsville, MN last fall. It was quite an adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you all via Lem! I am going to attempt to put out 1 volume per week and maybe that will get things rolling again.

Discovering Magic – the first full length geocaching book – Here’s the scoop, I had it “finished,” I was editing it with Matthew Karner, We got to the last 2-3 chapters and I realized that I had suffered from a serious case of horrible writing for the remainder of the book. It was a horrifying discovery! We finished the editing even though I knew I was probably just going to send those pages to a fiery death. I then spent 2 nights overhauling the entire last 3rd of the book. I love what happened, but the state that it is in right now is printed pages with scribbles and writing all over them and numbered events. The next step is to sit down and actually write it all out, and hope I’m not hit with another case of horrible writing!

The other thing is that I started reading it to my writing circle, and I have subtle but pervasive edits to make throughout the whole book now. They are really great notes and changes, and I am excited about the direction it’s going, but I am starting from the beginning AGAIN!

I just want this book to be great. I want it to stand on it’s own and be super interesting to my readers. I want it to be good whether you can go look for the coordinates or not. I am so excited for the over-arching story as well. I have some great mythology that I am excited to share and reveal to you all!!

So here’s the strategy: Write for at least one hour or more per day (I have a day job and 2 kiddos to look after as well, so we’ll see how this goes), complete one serial of Lem’s story per week, and just finish Dream already!! Finish it!

Thanks for reading everyone.


Curtis Lemansky Lem Lemonhead

What does Curtis Lemansky have to do with geocaching?? Not much, unless you’re a time-traveling tortoise!

In two weeks, October 13th or 14th 2013, I will be embarking on a road trip. But this is not just any road trip. On this road trip I will not be traveling by car, or train or airplane. I will be time-traveling with a friend’s tortoise, Lem.


You also didn’t know that tortoise can time-travel? I didn’t either until I met Lem. (Too bad Curtis Lemansky can’t travel/escape this way!) Lem introduced me to meditative time travel. This is not astral projection, this is real time travel! Everyone knows that tortoise are amazing creatures capable of living as long as a human, and many much more than that! Among their long-kept secrets is their method of getting from one area of the globe to the other. Walking or crawling is just not enough most of the time. So, they time travel of course!

So what exactly is this Meditative Time travel Lem has introduced me to? It turns out that being slow might be the fastest thing of all! Slowing your physcial pace as well as your mind to that of the energy of the Earth itself – and then suddenly where becomes when and when becomes where – complete time/space continuity!

They call it Point Field Synchronicity, PFS for short.

Lem and I will be PFS-ing all over the mid and south west; taking all of you along with us for the ride and we are very excited!

Stay tuned for updates – coordinates TBD!! Post scheduled to start Oct 13th! :)

Have a great day!

Day 3 in Seattle, WA Geocaching

Good morning!

It’s day three for us in Seattle, WA. We are having a great time. Day 1 we visited Madison Park, which is a really cute community garden, and Washington Park which is home to Japanese gardens and lots of tree-lined paths and cool things to see. (Pictures to come.)

I finished the second ultra short story of the Dream trilogy! She’s almost home! :) If you’d like to read her tale sign up on the home page with your name and email and I will send it straight to your inbox.

Day 2 was spent with over 3000 fellow geocachers enjoying everything geocaching and promoting our books/stories. I talked with so many interesting people. I met fellow authors, and several teachers who were very interested in these books and this concept. :) I learned that there is also a large population out there that would love to see a full length adult fiction book published. I’ll get right on cloning myself so I can get all these cool things created for you all!

So here we are on Day 3. Off to Woodland Park, suggested to me by Norman King, to get around 7-10 coordinate points for a full length book for Seattle. Maybe by this time next year I will be selling at this Groundspeak event instead of merely promoting!

Thanks to a very special and creative geocacher I also have a new concept for these books. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what it is but it opens up a whole new world for this type of book getting into the hands of kids everywhere!

Sign up on the home page to get Dream 1, 2, and very soon to come the conclusion, Dream 3 – which ends in Los Angeles at one of my favorite sights.

Seattle Tomorrow!

I can’t believe that in a few short hours my mom, daughter, and I will be on a plane to Seattle, WA for the National Geocaching Day Block Party!

There are so many unknowns and so much out of my control that I am having a very hard time thinking realistically about this! I can’t picture it in my mind because I’ve never been there so it seems very surreal.

I have secured a booth spot in the vendor section. We will be booth number 8, and that is all I know about it. We are vendor booth #8. Amy Faulkner has been super helpful about getting us there, suggesting somewhere to rent a tent and also lodging. Thank you Amy!

We will “load in” Saturday morning. This means that I will roll my suitcase filled with branded key-chains, postcards, signage and other various booth things to booth #8, and hope and pray that our tent guy is there with some more guys to set our tent up for us. (I went with this company because they will set it up for us.) I have a receipt that says we paid for it, and I have spoken with “Jim” on the phone a few times. But that’s it. So! We hope for the best.

I have also written Dream 2, the second of three ultra short stories for this event. When we arrive tomorrow we will be heading straight for a park nearby (there are three in the area) to get GPS coordinates added to the story. I am actually just about to edit this story with my awesome editor, Matthew Karner, within minutes!

I hope the hotel we are at has printing or our next destination will be Kinkos to print off a bunch of these stories so people can go explore a park in Seattle and experience a geocache story while they are here this weekend.

If you’d like to download a copy of Dream and/or Dream 2 please sign up on the home page, or stop by our booth. I promise I will not share your information with anyone, and I won’t send you spam!

So! Come what may tomorrow we will be in Seattle getting GPS coordinates, printing stories and settling into our hotel. Saturday you can find us at vendor booth #8, or venturing around Groundspeak headquarters – look for the girls wearing “Fiction + Coordinates =” T-shirts!

I can’t wait to see the videos that fellow geocachers created for the first ever Geocaching International Film Festival!

And Sunday we sleep in! :)

Wish us luck! We are going on a great adventure. We hope to see you all there and please come talk to us – we’d love to meet you!

Traditional Geocaches for the Ultra Short Story Dream

While I was editing Discovering Magic today I decided to go ahead and create some traditional caches for the stories.

I was trying to think of a way to be able to track how many people had downloaded and completed the stories when this very simple idea came to me. :)

Here are my supplies:

Geocache Cache Supplies

Creation of a traditional cache for geocaching.

Here are the three caches for the “ultra” short story Dream.


geocaches for the ultra short story Dream

geocaches for the ultra short story Dream

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of Dream yet you can get it HERE.

There are all kinds of goodies on that page as well. Photos of the places in the park that go with the story, and even a video. If you like it please leave a comment.

Thanks – Sara


Dream – An Ultra Short Story

The very first publication from Geocaching Books and Sara Murray is here!

I’ve crafted a very short story that I think you will really enjoy. You can get a glimpse into the Mythical Parks book series, and a feel for what Geocaching Books are like. Please post comments below and share if you enjoyed it.

We can be found on twitter @GeocacheBooks and on FaceBook

Here’s the download page with the story and lots of pictures and even a video!

So excited for you all to get to experience these stories!