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What does Curtis Lemansky have to do with geocaching?? Not much, unless you’re a time-traveling tortoise!

In two weeks, October 13th or 14th 2013, I will be embarking on a road trip. But this is not just any road trip. On this road trip I will not be traveling by car, or train or airplane. I will be time-traveling with a friend’s tortoise, Lem.


You also didn’t know that tortoise can time-travel? I didn’t either until I met Lem. (Too bad Curtis Lemansky can’t travel/escape this way!) Lem introduced me to meditative time travel. This is not astral projection, this is real time travel! Everyone knows that tortoise are amazing creatures capable of living as long as a human, and many much more than that! Among their long-kept secrets is their method of getting from one area of the globe to the other. Walking or crawling is just not enough most of the time. So, they time travel of course!

So what exactly is this Meditative Time travel Lem has introduced me to? It turns out that being slow might be the fastest thing of all! Slowing your physcial pace as well as your mind to that of the energy of the Earth itself – and then suddenly where becomes when and when becomes where – complete time/space continuity!

They call it Point Field Synchronicity, PFS for short.

Lem and I will be PFS-ing all over the mid and south west; taking all of you along with us for the ride and we are very excited!

Stay tuned for updates – coordinates TBD!! Post scheduled to start Oct 13th! :)

Have a great day!

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