Discovering Magic Geocaching Book Illustrations

It is truly an amazing thing to make up a unique world in your mind and bring it to life on the page. It’s a whole other thing entirely to have an artist read your book and come up with illustrations for it!

Writers spend most of their working alone. Once they get closer to publishing they start to branch out and need other people to help them with editing and illustrations. It’s a scary thing sometimes but so rewarding.

I want to share with you a few of the concept sketches that were created by the artist I am working with, Travis Eastwood, for my first geocaching book. It’s pretty amazing to see something come into the real world like this. Travis can be found on Face Book here:

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Geocaching Book 1 illustrations

Geocaching Book 1 illustrations

Geocaching Book 1 illustrations

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  1. Hi Sara -

    It’s me again, Michelle. Lol. I love this! What a great idea and a way for your daughter to learn about the publishing world.

    I’ve written a children’s chapter book series about a seven-year-old girl, Eclair, and in the third book she goes geocaching with her eccentric grandma. None of the books in the series are available yet, but I’m working with an illustrator now along with my granddaughter. We’re also sharing some wonderful times together.

    Is this book available yet? I want to get it. I’ll go to Amazon and look for it.

    What a fun site you have here!


    • SaraM2261 says:

      Nothing formally published yet. Having a bit of a re-write of the last couple of chapters and the moment, and my “real job” getting in the way! :) (Just kidding, I love my real job.) I will post here (and everywhere) when it becomes available, and probably have a big party too!

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