First Geocaching Vlog!!

Hey hey! This video was actually created about 2 weeks ago now! It took me a long time to find a video editing software that would run smoothly on my computer. I finally just ended up uninstalling a ton of programs that I don’t use anymore, uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Movie Maker and it runs very smoothly now! So happy!

I was going to make a different video to put up once I figured this whole editing thing out, but I have a good review of the MosquitoNo products, it was a beautiful day (and it is super cold here now) so I am just posting this “old” video.

I will be putting up different videos each week. Story time for some geocaching books short stories, more fairy houses, camping/hiking gear reviews, children’s literature book reviews, upcoming events etc… Lots of fun stuff! I am really looking forward to becoming more of the geocaching community. :)

So… Here it is!

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