How to Use These Books

These books contain longitude and latitude coordinates that are the same as those used in geocaching. In geocaching you are searching for a hidden physical cache, or container. With these books you are looking for a landmark where something important happens in the book.

To use the GPS coordinates you will need a hiking GPS navigator, or an app on your smart phone that you can program and will lead you to set points.

To get started you simply begin reading the book, and when you get to some GPS coordinates you program them into your GPS navigator or app and you will be led to the place in the park where that section of the book takes place.

There are a few different formats that GPS coordinates can be displayed in. Make sure that your app or navigator is in the same format as the point in the book.

When you travel to a point in the book with the GPS coordinates (a waypoint), make sure you tell us about it! You can find a log book on, search under the name of the waypoint and log your visit!

If you discover that a waypoint has changed in a significant way that affects the story or is no longer available please let us know about that as well. We will make note of it here on the site in the resources area under that book’s title as well as on

If you have any trouble at all please send us a comment with the form below and we will help you out as soon as possible. We will also be putting up a FAQ once we discover what the FAQ’s are. :)

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