My First Munzee Find(s)

If you like geocaching you’ve got to give Munzee a try.

It’s very similar to geocaching, but IMO it’s faster and bit easier. It is also easy to “hide” a Munzee in an Urban area – making it available for hunting everywhere! Another notable difference (at least where is concerned) is that the folks at Munzee do not mind if you use the game for marketing a business or product.

I found out about Munzee over a year ago! I was just setting up my Twitter account for and one person I followed was following Munzee. I followed them and started to learn about the game.

For Munzee you need a smart phone – one with a camera that can read QR bar codes. You download the app, create an account and off you go! You can pull up a map of the area around you and see where there are Munzees hidden, travel to them, zap the QR code and BAM! Your first find. :)

I was feeling bored last night after having worked and written a ton during the day. I had about 1.5 hours of daylight left, which is pretty short for geocaching or disk golf which I had hoped to get in yesterday. Then I remembered Munzee!

I pulled up the app on my phone and found several nearby that looked pretty easy and off I went. The first one was the hardest, since I had never seen a Munzee QR code piece before. I didn’t know how it would be attached, or if it was a sticker, or how large it would be or if it would be camouflaged in any way.

The group of Munzees I was targeting were all attached to trees by a plastic zip-tie, they were about 1″ by 1″ and inside a small clear plastic sleeve.

There are 9 in the group total, and I found 5 last night before I had to stop due to mosquito feeding time! It was a blast. It was very fun and very fast.

Whenever I am at a park I always check my geocaching app to see if there are any caches nearby, now *anywhere* I go I will be checking to see if there are any Munzees around!

Thanks Munzee!

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