National Geocaching Day, Seattle WA!

National Geocaching Day is August 17th!

Groundspeak, the company behind hosts a block party each year and we are going!!!

I just sent in my vendor request and will have a table for the party. I also ordered a large banner, postcards, t-shirts, and flashlight keychains for marketing during the event.

Next up: booking our airline tickets, reserving a hotel room and a rental car.

After that!: Contacting a rental company for a tent and vendor booth tables and lighting.

This is so exciting!

Did you know it’s extremely expensive to fly to Seattle!? I had no idea. I thought it was bad to fly to L.A.! Airfare for my daughter and I fly to Seattle from Minneapolis, in August!, will be around $1000! WOW! I had no clue.

So this is our “family” vacation this year. We normally do a big vacation to Disney or some other coastal location and spend a bunch of cash for it. This year, we do National Geocaching Day!

I am saying a little prayer that it’s worth it. Need to get that buzz going somehow!

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