Out of Hibernation!

Here in MN things are slowly thawing and coming back to life. The trees are forming buds and soon (hopefully) we’ll have even more signs of Spring.

I went out to the woods to make my first video blog last week when it was nice (50*F to be exact!) Everything went really well despite having to film it with my phone. Video editing on the other hand…


I tried using the software VideoPad on two different computers to no avail. It stops and stutters and hangs so much it freezes my whole computer. (Even on one that is new. Plenty of space and a duo core processor…)

I tried one other program before calling it a day. I downloaded another only to find out that it can only edit .avi files. I converted my video to .avi and went to bed. That was a week ago now!

If anyone out there can help me with this video thing I would be so appreciative. I am really looking forward to having videos on the blog so you guys can get to know me and my kiddos. I will (eventually) have informative vlogs, funny vlogs, actual geocaching vlogs as well as story time for the free short stories that are available here.

How much fun will that be!!?? Now just to get some video editing software to cooperate with this dream. Grr….!

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  1. Larry says:

    I can’t believe this winter. I’m glad it’s coming to an end. I wish I knew more about video editing. I could help you along. Google and youtube are my best friends when it comes to figuring it out . Good luck can’t wait to see some of your work .

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