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Here is the very first publication of any kind from Geocaching Books. I'm calling it an "Ultra Short" story. It's a glimpse into what this world is like. This story set in Minnesota at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge at the Lyndale Trailhead. I just got back from setting the GPS points and I would highly suggest using mosquito spray! - 6/18/2013.

Richt Click and choose "Save As" or "Save Link As" to download to your hard drive. The file is in PDF format which can be opened by Adobe Reader. To download Adobe Reader for free CLICK HERE.

Click Here to Download DREAM, by Sara Murray


Here are some images to go along with the story. If you have trouble finding any landmarks they are listed here with their context in the story and GPS coordinates. This story even has a video I think I'll call "Dream's Flight." Enloy! - Sara

PS: coordinates listed here, and in the story may be slightly different than those on The ones on are accurate for the location of the actual cache. The coordinates here are more general for the location of the physical place. Changes can happen at any time please check back here for adjustments if you are having a hard time finding. You can also email me at with any questions.

Here is the tree where Dream "POPS" in. (N 44 48 11.97, W 093 17 07.16)

Here the view from the starting tree toward the water where the first group of humans is.

Here is the view from the starting tree to the old log.

Here is the log. (N 44 48 12.16, W 093 17 06.73)

Here is the view from the log to the door tree.

Here is an close up of the door tree. (N 44 48 13.17, W 093 17 07.08)

Here is a video of Dream's Flight it is in MP4 format. (It may take a minute to load up before it starts playing.)

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