Real Magic

Warning: Possible Spoiler Alert for Discovering Magic

The other day I went out to South Valley Park in Inver Grove Heights to reset and check GPS coordinates, and set a few more for the story.

I was at the coordinates for where the girls stop under the Sumac bushes. As I was finishing up there, I decided to set the coordinates for the Tree of Three Seasons which comes later in the book but happens close to this place.

I faced the direction I thought the girls would be facing in the book when a friend points in back of them and shows them where the tree is.

On a whim I turned directly around and looked in back of myself and there it was. In more ways than I could have imagined the Tree of Three Seasons was actually there. Directly in back of where I was standing. Where the girls will be standing when they turn around and discover it in the story.

Here’s an image. You’ll have to read the book to know why it’s so significant!

Tree of Three Seasons

Tree of Three Seasons

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