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Geocaching Book Ideas

Obviously my first drive for geocachebooks is to create children’s literature and combine it with regular geocaching.

However, I have several other ideas for different books that could be done in this way! Eventually I intend to write for different audiences and use different types of geocaches to bring them to life.

I want to explore adult fiction and really get into the audience of adventure seekers out there that go to great lengths to get those super hard geocaches.

I also want to explore other types of geocaches and use them for different types of books. The three types of geocaches that come to mind to use are night caching, snow caching, and dive caching! Or possibly all three in a mega adventure book!

The wheels just keep on turning!

Geocaching Book Beta Testing

So the first book is completed to the point where I am going to have close friends and family start testing the coordinates!

I tried to get a bunch of people together the other day for a cookout at the park where the first geocaching book is set, but we got rained out. I was very disappointed. We’re going to try for a later date and see if people can actually program their GPS units and get to the places in the book.

I can’t wait for everyone to see how these books work and find the places where important things happen. I really want to watch some kids do it with their parents and see if they are as excited as my daughter was when she realized that our made up stories actually took place in a real park.

Just another step in this amazing process of publishing, and breaking ground for a new genre of books.