The Writing Continues

Hey everyone, I thought I would take a moment to update you on the progress of the book.

My real job has taken serious priority in the last two months, as well as Christmas and all that chaos and fun! :) Every time I email my illustrator to tell him, “Okay! Let’s make the push and finish this book! I’m going to have some free time and I am just about done,” a new project comes in from a client and I am swamped again!

Also – there’s nothing quite like going through the editing process and discovering that you seriously missed the point on the last chapter… or two… Slightly humbling to realize there is no good conclusion, no exciting cliff hanger, shallow character interaction and no colorful descriptions of anything at all!!!!!

I had to go hide for a while after realizing I would need to re-write all of that. The book was not finished at all.

I have everything fixed now, and I will be writing a completely new ending. I am very happy about where this experience took the book, it’s a drastic improvement.

So – about 1.5 chapters left to write and edit. Illustrations to finish up and cover art to complete. SO CLOSE, I can taste it!

Even though this first full-length book is not completed yet, there are free short stories available! Some of them have to do with the mythology of this current book/series, and there is a separate series about time-traveling tortoises! Sign up on the home page to get notifications about the books and free short stories.

Thanks for stopping by!


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